Monday, June 19, 2017

"The forest"

Would a poem written that only mine eyes would ever see
Be like the stunning silence of the forest's falling tree
If so, there is a forest of these poems writ for thee

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The trees

In no particular order, whickwithy

"Firenze local"
"White garden"
"Lightning strike"
"Lightning strike II"
"Matters of the heart"
"When I am me"
"Remember my name"
"Fragrant flowers"
"Braces and elbows"
"Black and blue"
"All things"
"The City streets"
"The canvas"
"You never asked for me"
"The covenant"
"Grand tour"
"Foolish dreams"
"Avalanche II"
"When I am me"
"The toll"
"The sparrow and the lion"
"The stream"
"Double entendre"
"Empress of the hurricane"
"The hurricane"
"Between the rocks"
"Heart of the hurricane"
"A celebration of you"
"The constellation II"
"The voyage"
"Serendipity Incarnate"